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MDF, found message (paper, ink), staple, straws, beeswax polish (2011)

9 x 8 x 5cm.

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At the end of 2010 I found a tiny slip of paper which is the focus of this work. The paper was washed up on the beach where I walk my dog, and it was written in arabic.

I used social media - Facebook, Twitter etc. - to try to find out the meaning of what was contained in the message, and the title 'Ghost' is a reference to something in one of the responses I received. Some of the responses contradicted others, one even suggested that I should burn the paper.

It eventually transpired that the message was a form of prayer. For the original sender there is a profound emotional investment in the message, as well as for those who generously took the trouble to contact me. It was important to me not simply to acknowledge this, but to reflect it in the work.

The work partially involves the viewer being able to move around the piece and to view it from a constantly shifting point of view.

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