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18 x 17 x 2cm

Animal bones, ink, pencil, granite dust (2009)

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The piece is about many different kinds of obsession, but it is equally about a personal search for other approaches to drawing.

It hints of many things, including religious relics, osteomancy, astrological symbols, compulsive behaviours, tribal tattoos, obsessive relationships. The repetitive mark-making extends onto the unseen areas of the bones, and in the spirit of obsession I elected to turn granite into powder with a drill and a masonry bit.

The work represents an abstract series of metaphors, in which I sought to consider the process of drawing. Beyond the marks made on the bones, the bones themselves - and the dust - are also symbolic and graphic marks. To display the piece, first the dust must be placed, then the bones, to a precise plan. This repeated ritual emphasises the obsession, and also thus the drawing is partially re-made.

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